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Pressure Washing

Here at Trademark we operate based on our core beliefs of Reliability, Honesty, and Professionalism. With this, we offer most of the Pinellas, Hillsboro, and Pasco County area: High Pressure & Safe-Low Pressure Soft Wash Cleaning Services. We cater to both Residential & Commercial Customers.  


Taking Pride in offering the Best Customer Service combined with competitive prices has helped us grow in the area we all here at Trademark have called home for over 20 years!


At Trademark our dedicated and hardworking staff with well-maintained state-of-the-art equipment and the most effective cleaning methods. We offer residents and business owners the following services:

  • Roofs (Asphalt, Wood, Tiles, etc.)

  • Solar Panels

  • Gutters

  • Decks and Patios (concrete, wood, vinyl, etc..)

  • Wood Deck Restoration

  • Pools (walls, floors, stairs, etc..)

  • Enclosed Pool/Deck Screens

  • Walls and Siding (most types)

  • Fences

  • ​Outdoor furniture

  • Driveways

  • Sidewalks

  • Pavers (Cleaning & Sealing)

  • Boats (Decks, Hulls, Trailers, Slips, etc..)

  • Various Equipment and Vehicles (Commercial Vehicles, Construction Equipment, etc..)

  • Mud Covered Vehicles(will only pressure wash, no mud/dirt disposal)

  • Windows

Pressure Washing
Balcony Cleaning

what WE DO

Residental Services
Commercail Services


Manufactured/Mobile homes

Single and Multi-Family houses


 Multi-Story Residences


Pressure Washing


We use multiple gas & electric pressure washers to ensure the best and most deep clean without damage to any property.

Solar Panel Cleaning


With our expertise on Solar Panels and their equipment. We offer detailed cleans to ensure your solar panels are operating at peak performance throughout the year. Don't let your panels get covered in pollen and other debris; resulting in less energy production. Costing a lot of $$$ in lost power over time.

If you didn't see a service you need listed, we probably still do it. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.



Buildings(multi-story, all types)

 Heavy Equipment(Trailers, Excavators, Tractors, Various Machinery, etc..)

Roadways(Parking lots, warehouse floors, etc..)

Wood Restoration


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